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How singing to your baby impacts Emotions and Bonding

I follow Danielle Ballentine-Drake on Twitter and agree wholeheartedly with her belief that “everyone is born musical, and that every child should be given the opportunity to expeirence and feel the joy of singing from an early age”

Reasons to Sing to Your Baby

Emotions & Bonding . Balance & Co-ordination . Language Development & Attention Span .

We will explore all the above in up and coming blogs, but first up is………………

Emotions & Bonding

There is a song for every emotion. Songs to lift our spirits, songs to calm us down and help us to go to sleep e.g. lullabies. Songs to make us laugh and songs that make us ponder.

“Music has the power to express emotions long before there is understanding of what all the feelings are. Associating songs with particular activites can help a baby to regulate their own emotions. For example by calming them for sleep”

(D. Ballantine-Drake)

Mother–infant singing has been found to enhance maternal nurturing behaviours, reduce stress hormones in mothers and their infants, and increase the mother–infant bond. The joy of being surrounded by live singing is very uplifting. Studies have shown it to benefit emotional, social, and physical wellbeing in many wonderful ways, especially helping to decrease stress, depression, and anxiety.

“Singing helps your baby bond with you and your voice, and is a wonderful way to demonstrate your love for them”

(D. Ballantine-Drake)

So, sing sing sing to your baby! #emotionsandbonding

Great article and lovely video here https://www.dad.info/article/family/kids/child-development-and-play/singing-dads-are-super-dads/

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