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Tiny Toes Music

At Tiny Toes Music you and your little one will experience and enjoy the many wonderful benefits of singing and making music together in a group setting for example,  emotional, social and physical wellbeing; bonding; literacy and language development; development of coordination and movement; strengthening of cognitive and sensory skills.

All the singing and music making at Tiny Toes Music is LIVE, in an environment that is lively, creative, friendly and fun. 


Singing with your baby has been found to enhance maternal nurturing behaviours, reduce stress hormones in parents and their babies, and increase the parent-infant bond. The joy of being surrounded by live singing and making music in a group setting such as Tiny Toes Music is very uplifting. Studies have shown it to benefit emotional, social, and physical wellbeing in many wonderful ways, especially helping to decrease stress, depression, and anxiety.

Learning and Development

Music and singing plays an important part in language development. It also strengthens cognitive and sensory development, as well as helping to develop social skills, balance, coordination, movement and attention span as our babies grow and learn.

Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.

Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.

Location, day and time

Tiny Toes Music takes place on a Thursday morning at The Gateway Centre in Acomb.

Doors open at 10am and people are free to arrive and play/chat informally until 10.20am, when the more structured part of the music session begins.

Straight after the music session, the Tiny Toes Music Community Cafe is open for people to mingle, chat and make new friends. The cafe serves a selection of cakes and tea, coffee and juice.


What can I expect?

The first 20 minutes of Tiny Toes Music is set aside for people to arrive and chat informally with one another. The more structured part of the music session lasts around 40 minutes. At this point, everyone is encouraged to engage as much as possible in the singing, actions and music making.

Everyone is welcome to stay on after the music session for tea, coffee, cake, chat, friendship and fun at the Tiny Toes Music Community Cafe.

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Booking and payment

From May 2024 Tiny Toes Music is fully PAYG. Just come along and pay at the door! Weekly sessions cost £6.50 which can be paid at the door either by cash or contactless card machine.

There is  no extra charge for siblings.

Childminders are required to pay for one ticket for the first child in their care plus a 50% additional cost for subsequent children.

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Special Events

Tiny Toes Music Parties

Why not invite Nicola and Tiny Toes Music to your private celebrations? The music sessions are very family orientated, bringing family and friends together to share in the joy of music making and singing whilst celebrating a birthday or other special event.

Nicola can customise the music session to suit your needs and any preferences that you may have to make your celebration event unique and extra special to you.

As well as private parties, Nicola also enjoys receiving invitations to run Tiny Toes Music sessions at pre-schools and nurseries as one-off workshops or end of term parties, both indoors and outdoors.

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What Parents & Carers Say

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"The Dinosaur Song"

By N Betts

"Mama Paquita"

Trad. Brazilian folksong


By N Betts

"5 Black Crows"

By N Betts

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