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How singing to your baby improves Balance and Co-ordination

Reasons to Sing to Your Baby

Emotions & Bonding . Balance & Co-ordination . Language Development & Attention Span .

Balance & Co-ordination

Songs that involve movements like rocking, bouncing or swinging stimulate the inner ear (vestibular system) which promote the development of your baby’s sense of blance and co-ordination.

D. Ballantine-Drake

Songs boost fine and gross motor skills

From learning how to kick their legs as a newborn to sitting up, crawling and eventually walking, your baby is constantly testing the boundaries of their movement.

Singing nursery rhymes with actions is a great way for babies to develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Lay your newborn on their back and help their arms do the movements in rhymes like Wheels on the Bus or Wind the Bobbin’ Up. This can help their body learn and practise movements that they will soon perform by themselves.

These are also great for them to try on their own as they get older. Developing coordination when they’re young will help with other life skills when they’re older, such as getting dressed and playing sports.


BBC Tiny Happy People

At Tiny Toes Music we really promote the development of balance and co-ordintaion as we bounce, rock, swing, jiggle and jive to the following much loved songs – The wheels on the bus; Shake your hands; Rock ‘n’ roll; Roly Poly; Row your boat; Sleeping Bunnies & The rainbow song. Just to name a few!

So, sing sing sing to your baby! #balanceandcoordination

Photograph by Elly Ross

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